Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life

Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life

Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life


Art of Hanging Artwork


Did your last attempt to hang artwork leave your wall looking like Swiss cheese? Was your artwork’s placement less than ideal? If so, let me assure you that your next attempt to hang art will achieve a better result. There is an approach to hanging artwork that will place your art in the perfect spot, every time. As long as you have a general idea of where you would like the artwork to be placed, it’s simply a matter of finding the correct height and the correct center.

Decorating Considerations

A few preliminary remarks are in order. The scale of the artwork is important to its placement; save smaller pictures for smaller, narrower walls and use larger artwork for a large space. When placing artwork above furniture, the width of the artwork should not exceed three-quarters of the width of the furniture. Also, don’t leave a lot of wall space between a sofa and an artwork. Anything higher than three to six inches will cause the eyes to focus on the wall rather than your artwork.

How to Determine the

Modern Artwork


The regulation for investing in modern artwork bought from local galleries is a word called: rip-off

Most local galleries make at least 50-70% commission on anything they are selling. The only way to avoid this 50-70% markup on all artwork items such as Chinese artwork, military artwork, Jesus artwork, patriotic artwork etc… is to buy DIRECTLY from the artists themselves. Keep in mind though that the artists will more than likely not sell their piece of art cheaper than it would costs them to sell it to an art gallery, but you are still looking at a 50-70% decrease in price. That being said, if you buy directly from the artists themselves through online art galleries, you can resell these pieces of art at a markup price on your own online art gallery.

Online art galleries are emerging today as the place to buy and sell art. It is putting old fashioned local art galleries out of business. With an online art gallery, artwork is displayed across the entire world for everyone to see. With local art galleries, your

Easy Artwork Ideas


There are many DIY, easy artwork ideas that anyone can do without spending a lot of money. A little creativity and elbow grease can go a long way and make a big impact when creating artwork for your home.

Framed Fabric Art

Framing fabric is such an easy artwork idea that anyone can do without spending a lot of money. If you’ve already got fabric and picture frames lying around, then this is a FREE way to add artwork and change up your walls. Simply adhere your fabric with with spray adhesive or fabric glue to a piece of card stock or cardboard and insert into the frame. Buying fabric for this project shouldn’t cost much because you don’t need a large amount. If you have an old frame that doesn’t quite match the fabric you want to use, a few coats of spray paint will transform it for just a few dollars. Thrift stores are also great places to find cheap frames to paint. Create a grouping of coordinating fabrics, use a matte, or let one frame stand on its own. Use your

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Process of Framing Pastel Artwork

If you are wondering about how to properly frame your pastel artwork, then let me help you out. The entire process of framing pastel paintings is dependent on several processes by which you can make sure that you are showing off your artwork as beautifully as possible. You want to make sure that your paintings are displayed for everyone to see and appreciate.

It’s important to remember that pastel paintings are made of millions of pretty particles of pigment that are held together with binder to make the texture of the paper seem more alluring. Upon the completion of your pastel artwork, you will be able to see how the light dances and highlights those vibrant shades. Framing your masterpiece will ensure that it keeps those pigment particles safe from bumping, smearing, or fading.

However, please be advised that there is a disadvantage to painting with pastels. You will be unable to make sure that the pastels stay on the paper if you don’t frame it correctly. You will notice that even bumping the paper will cause the pastel to shed dust which will reduce the color and clarity of your painting. If this happens

How To Keep Your Artwork Fresh Everyday

Clueless about how to protect the beautiful acrylic painting you received as a birthday gift? Wondering how to mat and frame your new watercolor? Here’s a handy guide on how to care for your precious artwork, no matter what media it was created in.

. Handling

. Storage

. Transporting

. Matting

. Framing

. Laminating

. Display

. Cleaning

Special care for different types of media

. Acrylics

. Oils

. Watercolors

. Pastels

. Charcoal, Pencil, Colored pencil, Crayon drawings

. Ink drawings

. Digital art


Always use great care in handling artwork. Never touch the surface of the art with your bare fingers as the natural oils, acids and salts on your skin can transfer to the artwork and cause permanent damage. If you must touch the art, wear cotton gloves.


Artwork not displayed should be stored in a clean, dry, dark and well-ventilated area in moderate temperatures and humidity levels that do not fluctuate a great deal. Avoid storage in basements, attics or garages as extreme temperatures and moisture can damage

Mounting Paper Artwork

This article will expand on mounting options for paper artwork beyond the method using paper hinges. If you wish to mat and frame artwork for museum-quality, with the option to change it at a later date the mounting job must be reversible. Here I will go over some methods that are reversible. The following information on Corner Pockets, Mounting Strips, and Sink Mounts are the preferred archival mounting methods.

Over time, the preservation of artwork has evolved. Previously common practices have been shown to be harmful to artwork and are no longer recommended. For example: the use of masking tape which yellows artwork due to acid burn and covering of all the edges of the artwork with tape, providing no breathing room which causes the artwork to buckle. An option to using hinges is applying acid-free linen tape to attach the cut mat to the mounting board. When trying to choose tape look for one that says Framer’s Tape on the label. This is a strong cloth tape with a tactile nature similar to that of duct tape and was developed for pH neutral mounting, matting, and heavy frame work. As long as it is good

Custom Artwork

Custom artwork has been around for decades, but in today’s society many people are using custom artwork to sell artwork online for an investment and profit. People are learning that in this market you can buy incredible artwork from emerging artists for a low cost, and in a few months sell it at a much higher costs, profiting thousands of dollars per sale. Here are 3 easy steps to follow to make you a successful artwork seller.

1. Decide which pieces of your Artwork you want to sell

Now if you are an excellent artist with a lot of passion for the art that you create you may have a hard time selling your artwork and letting it go. If you truly want to be successful in this business you can’t be attached to the artwork you create. If you aren’t an artist and are just buying and selling artwork, I highly recommend you only buy from online art galleries. The reason being, local art galleries gouge the price of art, upping it to over 40-60% face value in some instances to cover rental costs, employees, etc. Online art galleries do not incur these costs

Tips for Storing Your Children Artwork

We consider every art project our children bring home to be a masterpiece. But, unless you live in a mansion, it is simply not possible to display all of their hard work. Following are tips for displaying, preserving and storing your children’s artwork:

  1. Dedicate a wall. Designate a wall in your home as the official art gallery. Use it to display your children’s favorite or current pieces. Select a wall that is away from direct sunlight to minimize fading. For those not interested in attaching artwork directly to the wall, consider suspending a clothesline of heavy string or yarn and attaching the artwork with painted clothespins.
  2. Edit frequently. Choose the most meaningful pieces of artwork to display, then store or place them in a scrapbook as soon as possible. Children don’t want to see their art projects tossed aside in a pile of discarded clutter. Decide how many pieces you’ll keep each week, month or year. Display the art for a period of time then promptly move it into storage.
  3. Store it in a portfolio case. Consider purchasing a sturdy portfolio for storing your children’s artwork. Portfolios ensure the artwork stays flat and out of sunlight. Consider the type

How to Beautify a Room With Beach Artwork

Attractive, Affordable Beach Prints & Posters

One of the most popular themes for decorating a bedroom, den or bathroom is the beach. Because most people associate the surf, sand and sunshine with happy days, it’s a natural as an interior decor motif.

You’ll probably want to select wallpaper or a border that introduces the beach theme and then supplement it with a few beach-related accessories. In a bathroom, you might choose a shower curtain and towels that are “beachy.” In a bedroom it can be a bedspread and decorative pillows. In a den, curtains or knick-knacks on a shelf can represent the beach motif.

No matter the room though, you should also consider adding beach-themed artwork. The pictures on your wall will be immediately visible to anyone entering the space and will set the tone for the decor.

Beach artwork offers many fun and attractive options. If you’re decorating on a budget, you’ll want to shy away from original artwork. While having an authentic original is great, the cost often makes it impractical. Instead, consider reproductions of original paintings and illustrations available as high-quality prints and posters.

The key difference between original

Interior Paint Color Ideas

What happens when you have a huge wall and artwork that is too small? There is a simple and inexpensive cure for this and many other issues when working with wall color and artwork. It is important to have the background behind artwork enhancing it not taking away from it.

The old dilemma of having great art work but it is too small for a wall you would like to use it on. What now, you have invested in the artwork and would like to use it. Paint to the rescue, when you use a simple and easy technique called color blocking you can make most wall sizes work well with your smaller artwork.

All you need is blue masking tape, paint-able caulking, and a different color from the current wall color. It needs to be something that is compatible with the artwork, and works well or even contracts with the current color.

I always make sure both colors are found in the artwork. Calculate the size of the artwork that would best fit the wall. Mask off that size (or slightly larger) and paint that area with the new color. Painting tip: if

Limited Edition Artwork

Selling artwork at online art galleries is in, selling artwork at local art galleries is out! Online art galleries are one of the most profitable means of investment and selling limited edition artwork is a great place for this. Now selling artwork online involves a few things. You need to be completely honest about the work that you are trying to sell to potential buyers. When a person is buying a piece of art, it is a very emotional buy and usually has to do with culture and other societal influences. The potential buyer usually feels an emotional attachment to the piece of art they are looking to purchase.

Once you start selling pieces of art to a buyer and they are happy with it, you are going to get a lot of return business I guarantee it. That’s why the initial purchase is the most important where you need to be completely honest about the condition, size, and artists background. Your initial sale will lead to future sales because people feel good and comfortable about doing business with someone they already have done business before with and had a great experience.

You also want

Unique Artwork

All types of artists enter into the art industry at a rapid pace daily. Their artwork is usually unnoticed, and the value of each art piece they create is often priced extremely low. Not until many people realize how wonderful and well respected their art becomes through artwork such as realism artwork, Japanese artwork, metal artwork, abstract artwork, and/or Native American artwork do people realize the value of an emerging artists work.

Today’s artwork is appealing to a new type of buyers. For the first time around the entire world, young wealthy professionals are choosing artwork to represent their uniqueness and for culture purposes. Many new art buyers are appreciating the way art and music influence and inspire the new emerging artists. Once you get your name out there as an emerging artists and gain lots of respect, you will see a great increase in your wealth. As today’s society learns more values and ideas of art as a justifiable investment wheel, more and more people will start investing in emerging artists work and watch it increase in value. They will sell after a few years and make a huge profit. A $100.00 painting could net

Choosing The Right For Your Artwork

To a new entrant to the world of artwork and painting, etc, mats and liners may not show up prominently in framed objects and other artwork, but they occupy a significant place in artwork and art objects. Both, mats and liners are needed to ensure your artwork enjoys a long shelf life

> They provided a much-needed space between the intricacy of the artwork and the frame

> A mat liner can bring more attention to your main artwork with its texture and color

> You can experiment with different types of mats to get the right look for your artwork or picture

Advantage of using mats and liners

Ensuring gap between artwork surface and framing

Mats and liners depending upon their thickness, effectively shields the artwork surface from sticking to the inner part of the framing glass or plastic. If this gap weren’t maintained, the artwork paints might also develop mold. Mold can damage an artwork permanently and leave traces that are difficult to remove.

Ensuring the right surface chemistry

Mats and liners, if made of organic material, can actually help prolong the life of the painting. Often,

Why Buy Artwork Online

Art today has become a major part of society, if you go into someone’s house very rarely will you not be able to find any form of artwork; be it a print, or an original painting, or even a sculpture. The question is how do you go about buying this artwork? If you are like me the idea of going to an art gallery or an art show might not necessarily fill you with joy, its not that I don’t like them or that the people selling aren’t usually very nice, its more that I feel pressured into buying something even if I don’t like it.

The internet, the phenomenon that it is, has changed all that. Now you can buy artwork online, from the convenience and the comfortability of your own computer, or your sofa. How ever you want it!

Why buy artwork?

Whatever your taste, your likes or dislikes, I guarantee their is artwork out there just for you. You may have to search harder than normal for your perfected piece, but it will be out there. Art is a talking point, like it or not. When you see a piece of

Tips Artwork for the Home

Deciding how to decorate your home can be a challenge and knowing what to hang on the walls will come down to your style, taste and budget. There is plenty of artwork for the home to choose from and you can either visit a gallery or buy from a normal store. Home artwork can be as traditional or as modern as you want as long as you like it. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home you can buy what you like and can afford.

Choosing the right artwork for the home is essential as if you choose the wrong style then it can look really bad. Although you might like very modern artwork if your home is very traditional then it will look out of place. You should think about the area that you want to hang the home artwork and decide how big it should be. You should then look at the other pieces of furniture in the room and the style that they are. The whole room should come together with a great piece of home art work and not compete for the attention of the person in the

Decorating Your Walls With Artwork

In the fashion world a Little Black Dress is a definite “must have” for any wardrobe. Not just any little black dress will do. It is important to get a proper fit. You need to know how to properly accessorize it. And you need to know how to properly care for that little black dress so it will always look great.

How do these concepts apply to the artwork on your walls?

1) Proper Fit.

Many of us know what an ill fitting black dress can do for our figure. Yuk!

On the advice of a wardrobe consultant I recently learned that the best style for my body type is a princess line cut. Not only that, my perfect little black dress is more like a little chocolate brown or navy dress. The perfect cut and colour of a little black dress will enhance your best body parts. The dress will disappear into the background and your best features will stand out.

The same is true for framing artwork for display. The matting surrounding the artwork is an important extension of the piece itself. The proper colour and size of the

Steps For Successfully Selling Your Artwork

Selling your artwork online is an excellent way to get your art seen by thousands of people, and if you do it right you can make money at the same time. Just showing your art online doesn’t guarantee success, learning how to market yourself and your artwork can make the difference between being one of a million artists online, or a successful online artist that works from home. Let me share my 5 easy steps for successfully selling your art online.

Step One: Choose how you want to sell your art.

There are endless possibilities for artists to show and sell their artwork online. How you choose to sell your artwork online depends on how and what you want to sell. There are many different types of online art sites that are designed to help artists sell their artwork online. Lets review some of these options.

Print on Demand
Print on demand sites are wonderful for visual artists and writers. Two of the most popular print on demand sites are cafepress and zazzle. Both of these sites print your artwork on to t-shirts, buttons, stickers and other products after a customer purchases the item.

Basic Guide For Artwork

Hanging artwork on your walls can be a great way to decorate a room and add some interest to it. Some homeowners are completely baffled when it comes to hanging artwork and where they should hang, how high they should hang it, and what pieces of artwork look the best. If you are hesitant about hanging artwork in your home or you just aren’t sure if your pictures are right, then here is a basic guide on the subject.

Find the Right Height to Hang Your Art

The basic guideline for hanging artwork is that the piece of art should be hung so that the center of the picture or group of pictures is at eye level of a person. This may not be possible in every situation that you come across, but it is a great starting point to remember when hanging anything on the walls in your home.

Group Together Pictures and Art in a Fluid Manner

When hanging a group of pictures, be sure to think of them as all one unit. This means that they should flow well. A good idea is to use a space on the floor

Artwork For Your Home

Artwork is something that can make a home absolutely stunning and show off your own personal taste, or can make your house look like a mismatched mess. The key is to find the right pieces for you and to make sure that you hang and show them appropriately.

The first step to finding artwork to suit you is to think of your budget. An original can cost a lot to buy, so are prints more in your budget? Even posters, postcards or greetings cards can provide a good source of artwork if you are very limited on funds.

If you decide that you do not have a lot of money to spend then one other alternative is to create your own artwork. It is original, fun to do and can fit in perfectly with the theme of the room as it is made for that purpose. All you need is a canvas, a range of paints and some brushes. Then you can go wild. Look up artwork on the internet and take inspiration from it or do something abstract and totally original. This can be fun to do even if you do have the cash